L51357-001 LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Replacement

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(1)New Screen Replacement;15.6 inch ;30pins connector ;1920x1080 IPS Resolution

(2)180 Days Warranty;Support For Stylus

(3)Compatible Model:HP Pavilion X360 15-DQ 15T-DQ Series

(4)Package includes the LCD Screen + Touch Digitizer + Bezel Assembly + Touch Controller Board ONLY. Please keep your original parts.
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  • L51357-001 LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Replacement
  • L51357-001 LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Replacement
  • L51357-001 LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Replacement
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Compatible Model:15T-DQ000 15T-DQ100 15T-DQ200 15-DQ0XXX 15-DQ1XXX 15-DQ1052NR 15-DQ2097NR 15-DQ1010CA 15-DQ0001NA 15-DQ2071CL 15-DQ2052NR 15-DQ0051NR 15-DQ0075NR 15-DQ0076NR 15-DQ0077NR 15-DQ0078NR 15-DQ0081NR 15-DQ0067CL 15-DQ1071CL 15-DQ0975CL 15-DQ1025OD 15-DQ1095NR 15-DQ0061CL 15-DQ0065CL 15-DQ0010NR 15-DQ0035NR 15-DQ0953CL 15-DQ0095NR 15-DQ1010NR 15-DQ1020NR

The important thing is that it supports Pen Touch !There are some low-priced products on the market. They don't support Pen Touch. You can directly ask if they support Pen Touch. We are always committed to providing customers with the most cost-effective and full-featured products.

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